Guided Response:  Respond to two classmates.  Select a classmate who discussed a skill that you are either interested in or also are proficient at.  Include an explanation of which stage you are currently located for that skill and what you would need to do to move toward the next level of that skill.


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I’m interested type, i cant type



The skill that I want to talk about is typing. Typing, for some people is very hard and something that they are not that interested in knowing how to do. I became interested in typing the first time when I was about 14 years old. My aunt had gotten the new Gateway desktop computer and I was amazed. She was the first person in our family to even buy any type of electronics. She had a job, at the time, that required her to possess some computer skills and I will never forget her listening to the tapes and not looking at the keyboard while she typed. I’ll never forget the name of the program she had bought, the name was Mavis Beacon teaches typing. i was so interested in typing until it almost got on my aunt’s nerves. 

I eventually started waiting until she was finished with the computer and would pop in the beginners typing disk and type away. It was such a slow process, and it was almost boring; but because I wanted it so bad I kept on doing it. The first phase she taught was learning your home keys. I learned those in a day as well as how to sit upright and hold my wrist while typing. The second step showed me how to know the keys on my right hand and then left hand. The last step of the tutorials showed how to hit your numbers and symbols. This was the hardest part for me and still is to this day. 

Eventually, I was at a grade in High School where I could go to the Vocational School and of course I took Business Office Education. This class furthered my skills in typing as well as taught me some other office etiquette. Who would have known that all these years later, something that was so interesting to me, would be helping me achieve my college degree online?

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