Midterm Paper: Film Review Due on Oct 16 Write a review for a Chinese film of your choice—EXCLUDING the films we watch in class. LENGTH: 800-1200 (3-4 pages) words excluding bibliography. CONTENT: Introduce the film briefly, provide relevant context & background, analyze at least one short clip closely (like what we do in class), and interpret the overall meaning of the film. FORMAT: Submit all your papers electronically on ANGEL in WORD or PDF. CITATION: You do not have to use external sources for your paper. But if you do, use MLA style for all citations. NOTE that improper citation may lead to charges of plagiarism. For online sources, avoid un-academic sources such as Wikipedia, and always evaluate, verify and properly identify information you obtain from the web.

I choose the film named “Fearless”. And I can share the movie with english subtitle in google drive if you cannot find the movie on websites.

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