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For this section, I would like you to explore three artists that you find interesting and exciting.  They can be photographers or artists who work in any other media, but I would like you to be able to apply their work to your project at hand.  Once you have chosen your three artists, write a brief reflection answering the following questions: 1) How does the artist or work appeal to you formally or conceptually?  and 2) How might you use this person’s work as inspiration for your project? As these are personal responses, I am not interested lengthy biographies or random factoids about the artists and their work.  You may provide links to their websites or images of their work to illustrate your responses.


Each artist a paragraph or 2 spereately.


For this part of the step, you simply need to go for a walk and pay attention to the art you see all around you.  You may pick a small residential neighborhood (your neighborhood!), a bustling downtown district, even a country road.  I would suggest  that you avoid specific “art walk” events with galleries as the point of the assignment is to look at art outside of these conventional contexts.  As you walk, make note of what you see and gather ideas.


Downtown Denver Thursday AM (Google the pics) 


Where did you go for this walk?  Define the parameters of this walk as specifically as you can.  Give the name of the city, neighborhood, streets, etc.  When did you go?  Again be as specific as you can regarding date, time of day, etc.  What is the overall character of this location?  Things you may consider: Is it crowded/busy?  What kinds of architecture do you see?  Why do people go to this part of town? 


As you walk, look around (up, down, etc.).  Name at least five things that you saw that were unexpected, surprising, interesting, and/or usually escape your notice on a daily basis.


How do the observations collected on this walk contribute to the definitions of art you formed in your first step?  How might you implement them into your project?


What did you notice about the people on your walk?  Did that have a particular style of clothing, grooming, walking, talking, etc.?  Did anyone stick out to you?

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