Discuss one world religion of your choice and a major question that the world religion deals with. For example, the nature of God, the ethical life, prayer, social duties, the afterlife, man’s purpose in life, abortion, and so on.


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In two brief paragraphs, write and submit your answers to the following items:


  1. Purpose. Summarize in a sentence or two the overall purpose of your paper as outlined in the introduction to the project. Give some examples of the information that you have discovered or know about.
  2. Interest. Share in a short paragraph why this topic is of interest to you.
  3. A tentative approach to your topic. For example, you might consider giving the historical background to the Christian view of prayer and then follow this up by studying what two Christian writers say and practice about prayer – Thomas Merton and C. S. Lewis. (Or even just one of these writers.) And so on. (You will settle on a final approach, of course, once you have done your research and further thinking.)

Should be about 1 page long discussing these items. 


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