1-Write a paper about someone in your life who struggles with his/her health. YOU MUST GET THE PERSON’S PERMISSION TO WRITE ABOUT HIM/HER.  The submitted paper should be at least two (2) pages, typed and double spaced.  Identify the health problem, explain it, and discuss how it affects the person you know. Interview him/her about how he/she functions differently with the illness. What challenges does he/she face?  How does it affect him/her mentally, physically, and emotionally?


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2- Choose up to two (2) of the following people to interview. Each paper should be at least two (2) pages, typed and double-spaced.


    • A health care professional (physician, nurse, nutritionist, personal trainer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc) – should focus on what they like or dislike about their job, how and why they started doing what they do, a description of their typical day, etc …
    • An older adult (65+ years of age) – should focus on health care and insurance issues that are important to them him/her
    • A cancer survivor – should focus on their experience, emotions, diagnosis, and treatment. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT HE/SHE IS IN REMISSION!


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