First, read Chapter 9, “Plan for Attaining Moral Perfection,” in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin .


After reviewing Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues, choose two that you really need to work on the most.  Then choose two that you would most value in an employee.

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Write a 300-400 word “mini-essay” in response to the following prompt, then respond thoughtfully to at least three of your classmates. 

Discussion Prompt

Choose two character qualities (virtues) from Franklin’s list that you need to improve on, andtwo that you would value most in an employee.  

What can you do, starting today, to improve yourself in those areas? How could you model each character attribute/virtue in a way that would make others want to emulate you?  How could you use the written communication skills you have learned in this course to encourage or instill these virtues in your current or future employees? If the practice of these virtues became part of your company or organization’s culture, how would it benefit the employees, the company/organization as a whole, and the people it serves (customers/students/general public, etc.)? 

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