Think of something contested. It has to be something that a decent number of people would disagree with you on. (Not a maiority, perse, but enough people so that the opponents aren’t just insane people in the fringes, you know?) It can be something small, of personal significance or opinion, or it can be something big, far reaching, and alobal. It probably should not be a topic that you would put on an “overused” list of topics, such as abortion or the death penalty. It should also be something you can apply some relevant research to in order to help prove your point. Pick your topic, and write a 2-3 pages essay, which incorporates at least 2 reputable sources in a logical, useful way. The essay must also be in MLA Format, which all the citations and so on that requires.

  This is the rules for this essay, original from my teacher, i dont want this essay be perfect, cause i m a international student, so just make it nice but not perfect, thank u 🙂

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