1-Using the starting salary data from table 3.3, and assuming an annual increase at the current cost of living ( currently about 2%) calculate what you could except to receive as a starting salary to your chosen field of study if you graduate three years from now

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2- Using the information from figures 3.8 and 3.9, estimate the median salary after 30 years assuming the engineer is A)  a supervisor and B) a non-supervisor.




Using  12 point Time-Roman font and 1.5 spacing 

questions 3 to 5  half a page length 


3Further explore and examine some of the causes of air pollution discussed in this chapter, write an essay on possible new engineering development that might address  these problems areas

4- Research some of the options to current methods of waste treatment and waste storage. What might be some other more desirable solutions to the waste management problem ?
5- Review recent magazine and newspaper articles concerning nuclear power. Prepare  a report that explore the advantages and disadvantages of developing additional nuclear power facilities 

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