Work the problems below. To receive any credit, you must show all work. You may submit your work in a word processing document or in a pdf file. Graphic files are not acceptable submissions. Your file submission document should be entitled Week2AYourGID (replace YourGID with your specific GID).

  1. A “1” signal is required to trigger an alarm, if the fluid level in a tank is more than 3m deep. The level sensor gives an output of 9.3mV for every centimeter increase in depth. What is the required alarm voltage?

    figure 1

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  2. In problem 1, if there are waves with amplitude of 35 cm due to pumping, what is the value of R2 to give a dead band with a 5-cm safety margin to prevent the comparator output from going low? Assume R1= 5k ohms, and output high = 5V.

    figure 2

  3. An 8 bit DAC has a reference voltage of 5V. What would be the voltage corresponding to a binary word of 10010011?
  4. What is the conversion time for the dual slope converter shown in the figure below if R = 1M ohm, C = 5nF, VR= 5V, integration time of 50 ms, and the input voltage is 8.2V? What is the capacitor discharge time?

    figure 3

  5. A temperature between -10 and +250 is converted into a 0- to 5.0 Volt signal. This signal is fed to an 8-bit ADC with a 5 Volt reference. What is the actual measurement range of the system? What is the resolution?


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