EENG 4350/5340: Project 1 Assigned: September 21,2015 Due: October 9, 2015 Rules • Use basic Python, numpy and matplotlib modules. Any other modules need my approval. • Produce a LATEX-generated PDF of your report. • Ask plenty of questions to ensure you have a good understanding of the project. • The code (and reports) should look vastly different for different groups. Very similar code will incur a hefty penalty. • Everyone should participate…no excuses, no exceptions.


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Part 1      1. Generate 20 points of X ∼ N ( [−3   4] , I) and Y ∼ N ( [ 3   −2] , 2I). Store this dataset in a file.

                 2. Using Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis, find the decision boundary.

                 3. Plot X,Y and the decision boundary. Make sure that you use a good plotting technique so that it is easy to distinguish which datapoint is X and which is Y .

              4. Calculate the accuracy of your linear classifier. 

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