For this assignment, I am asking you to write a narrative essay in which you reflect on your journey as a writer this semester.Introduction: A good way to start would be by reflecting on your habits as a writer or attitudes toward writing as you started this semester in January. What did you expect of yourself or from this class as you walked into this class in January?Thesis: In this essay, your thesis needs to express what you feel you have learned about your writing through your work this semester.Organization: You will need to support this thesis with body paragraphs that provide evidence to back up your claims.You can use a chronological order by starting with the first essay and going on to the second, the multimodal, and the revision. Alternatively, you can use a logical order and focus on different aspects that you have realized about yourself as a writer: flexibility (as you learned to work with others and were willing to use the feedback to make changes); responsibility (as you transitioned from classroom to online or sought out my help during conferences or realized that you had to take charge in order to do well in the assignment); open-mindedness (this will mainly refer to the multimodal as well as the use of different types of research- primary, secondary, scholarly, youtube, visuals etc.); engagement and persistence (you realized that if you procrastinated or waited too long, your writing suffered; engagement in the short assignments helped you prepare better for the assignment; constant revision of the drafts also helped you produce better work) etc. You can also focus on what you have realized about argumentation, research, critical reading and writing.Content Development: Choose either the chronological or the logical forms of organization and then in each body paragraph, refer to any of your drafts, essays, short assignments, peer review feedback, my feedback, self-evaluation letters, for evidence to support your claims in each paragraph. Write in the first person (use “I” throughout), and use your own works for evidence.Conclusion: How will you apply what you have learned this semester in other courses or use it in the future? Wrap up by reflecting on how you will use what you have learned about research, argumentation, and writing in the future.

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