Geography 150 Sp14

Report on MA Thesis – Required

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Earth Science – Geography Assignment
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Value: 10 points

1. Look over the titles of Master’s Theses completed by geography students.  To do so:

a. Go to the Geography Department home page:

b. In the Facilities and Programs box, click the link to the Map Library.

c. Under Resources, click Geography Master’s Theses.

2. Find a thesis that looks interesting to you. 

3. Locate the thesis in the Geography Department Map Library, room 171 Sierra Hall.  (The thesis must be read in the library.)  Alternatively, you can find the thesis in Oviatt Library.  Answer following questions about the thesis: 

a. What is the hypothesis or what are the major research questions?

            b. What methods were used to test the hypothesis or answer the research questions? 

            (Some of this may seem technical or difficult to follow; do your best.)


            c. What main conclusions were reached?

            d. Was the thesis of high quality or not?  Explain your answer.

Your report should be 2-3 pages long, typed and double-spaced.  At the top be sure to identify the author of the thesis, the title, and the year it was completed. 


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