350 wordsWatch the attached short video and in about 350 words, discuss one of the themes from the video.

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Discussion 3
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Shackleton Expedition Video (Choice 3)
From the video, you will pick 1 relevant theme that are related to strategic marketing and
planning. For example, in class we discussed “Picking the Right Team” as one theme.
Shackleton posted an advertisement that 5000 people applied to. From the list of those 5000, he
chose 27 people and each person served a purpose. There was a surgeon, photographer,
carpenter, cook, etc. and each of these people were treated equally. All of them were responsible
for certain chores as well as their assigned tasks. This team was so cohesive that they all shaved
their heads as one point for a photo and when rations were low, and someone spilled their milk,
the rest of the group, poured some of their milk into the glass. No one was better than someone
else and everyone felt equally important. In business having the right team makes all the
difference. Apple is a perfect example of this?..Pick another them and discuss in 350 words
This paper will be typed, use at least 2 source and will be in APA format.
you just have to find 3-4 themes that are in the shakleton’s expedition video.

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