Determinants Of Health Paper

Health Promotion Essay- The Determinants of Health The determinants of health are economic and social conditions that affect people’s health status. These influence the living and working conditions that impacts people’s everyday living condition. Factors such as the place and the environment we live in, genetics, educational level or work status and income, as well as friends and family are some of the aspects that affects our health condition. On the other hand, the people that have an access to good health care and have financial stability are less susceptible and are often less affected. (NANB, 2009) There are difficulties and challenges on how to facilitate and what tools to use to resolve the determinants of health such as…show more content…Determinants Of Health Paper 
Income and social status is one of the determinants of health. Being able to have a secured, low cost housing that provides for every individual or family during their whole lifetime is a major determinant of health and is important to good health. As Dr. David Hulchanski and colleague’s research “Three Cities” at the University of Toronto stated; “Housing insecurity is linked to income insecurity which is, in turn, leads to illness and premature death” (RNAO,2013). People who live in the street are more susceptible to physical and mental problem and are likely to die early due to sickness compared to general population. Homeless population are vulnerable to communicable diseases and substance abuse and this may jeopardize their health situation (RNAO, 2013). Health conditions become better as income and social status improve. Higher income means the affordability of an individual for a better way of life and providing their family a safe and secured environment. Being able to afford enough nutritious food on the table to share with the whole family is one of the most important things that an individual can hope for.Determinants Of Health Paper In most cases, higher income and social status means more control and choices in their everyday lives. Some studies show that restricted options and poor coping skills while handling stress raises exposure that can lead to different kinds of diseases involving immune and hormonal systems.

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Determinants Of Health Paper
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According to Sebastian (2013), one of the intentions of the United States is “to eliminate health disparities by expanding access to health care for vulnerable or at-risk populations” (p. 375). Nurses play a vital role in not only caring for diverse populations, but in advocacy as well. Vulnerable populations are those groups, who have an augmented possibility for acquiring unfavorable health consequences, and comprise of poor and homeless persons, migrant workers and immigrants, abused individuals and victims of violence, and pregnant adolescents (Sebastian, 2013, p. 375). For this reason, nursing interventions in regards to the homeless population should take into consideration their predominant health issues and needs as well as their social, physical, economic, and environmental determinants of health. Determinants Of Health Paper


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