Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper

Imagine attempting simple everyday tasks and struggling because of confusion or memory loss. Well unfortunately, this is what it is like for many people with dementia.Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper The severity of dementia ranges from person to person, but is there anything that can help? Music therapy, for one, can actually be tremendously helpful for those with dementia in more ways than the average person might think.
The word dementia is often used as an umbrella term to describe a wide range of symptoms. Dementia is commonly used to describe those with a decline in mental abilities that potentially interferes with their everyday life. This is common in older adults and may develop gradually or even appear suddenly. It is also important to note that, “dementia is more prevalent in older adults with the rate doubling about every 5 years after the age of 75 (Erber,2005; Papalia et al.,1996)” (Davis, Gfeller, & Thaut, 2008). Dementia not only affects the person who is diagnosed with it but also family and friends. Those who have dementia may have a hard time communicating effectively and that can add stress to those close to them. With regards to that, music therapy can be a great way to maintain mental abilities of those with dementia and help families communicate better with their loved one.Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper
Dementia can occur in relation to many different illnesses. Some of the most common of which are Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer ‘s. Dementia also may develop from vitamin deficiencies and thyroid problems. Regarding the actual cause, the illness is because of damage to brain cells.

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Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper
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While the average life expectancy of the world’s population has increased, the number of Dementia cases detected has commensurately risen to astonishing levels. Along with improved detection of this disorder, many new causes and treatments have been found, from which many innovative techniques have been discovered to prevent future incidences or reduce the effects of this condition. The quest for treatments and cures to this dilemma has brought additional questions to be answered, with limited success. Why do some develop this disorder, while others do not? Can early detection be achieved to reverse the processes or limit its effects? Further specifics on this topic have been categorized into three main sections, which …show more content…Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper

Many of the people, who are usually middle aged and older, suffering from these afflictions appear to lose the ability to recall particular events, time of day, or in more advanced stages, the identity of their friends and family. Other symptoms of this condition have been reported as difficulty with speech, depression, balance issues and general disorientation.
Causes of this Disorder Although Alheimer’s disease appears to be the most common cause of dementia, “more than 50 conditions are associated with dementia, including degenerative neurological disorders… , vascular disorders (e.g., multi-infarct disease), inherited disorders (e.g., Huntington’s disease), and infectious diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS)” (Swierzewski, 2000, para. 3); additionally, this disorder can be induced by heavy use of drugs and alcohol.Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper Even though it is not clear why some people develop diseases associated with dementia, while others do not, it has become evident through known causes that those engaging in high risk behaviors, such as excessive use of illicit drugs, alcohol and unprotected or promiscuous sex practices, increase their chances of the diseases that cause dementia. Extreme caution should be taken when definitively diagnosing dementia, however; for there are other conditions which create dementia like symptoms that can be easily mistaken for more serious situations; as an example, a person who is depressed may present similar symptoms Depression and Dementia Assignment Paper

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