Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

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Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper
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The primary goal of an RN is to provide the health care for a patient; however, they can also perform additional services; for example, satisfy the patient’s needs and demands that do not contradict to the norms of a health care institution; RNs should guarantee safety to a patient (Wilkinson & Treas, 2011). This aspect also means that nurse’s actions should not cause harm to the patient’s health. Nurses should also provide a patient with all possible information about his/her current health state and the process of treatment including procedures and medicines.Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

A position of an RN is one of the most ethical-directed in the health care industry (Wilkinson & Treas, 2011). As a rule, nurses spend more time with patients than other health care workers, and their obligations include close contact with sick people. Hence, the code of ethics for RNs demands that they obey certain rules. Among RNs’ duties, there are demonstrating respect and unique approach for each client, advocating patient’s rights, and protecting his/her health and safety. Besides, a nurse is responsible for the individual nursing practice and appropriate providing of optimal patient care and improvement of health care environment and general quality of health care. Finally, a nurse should cooperate with other health care workers to meet the common health needs.Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

Education, Registration and Certification
An RN provides care for patients and prevents future illnesses. Besides technical skills, which are required for this position, an RN must possess good communication skills to establish close relations with a patient and his/her family. Moreover, an RN should finish a state-approved nursing school, college and receive state licensure.

A person who wants to become an RN may choose between three educational approaches. As a rule, an RN completes a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program in nursing. In some cases, RNs earn diploma in nursing to be prepared for their occupation. Any of these programs gives a right to be employed as a registered nurse.Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

Bachelor’s degree program lasts four years and is considered to be more comprehensive because it pays much attention to behavioral sciences and human development. Bachelor of Science in Nursing consists of two parts: the first two years are dedicated to the issues of general science instructions, study pediatrics, organic chemistry, physiology and psychology; during the last two years, students study mental and chronic diseases and have many practice classes.

Some future nurses prefer to have Associate’s Degrees in Nursing. This program lasts two years and focuses more on technical issues of being a nurse. Classes are held both in college and clinical settings. Despite the fact that this program contains many training classes, many registered nurses with ADN come back to school to receive bachelor’s degree. One more option to become an RN is to receive Diploma in nursing program that lasts three or more years and includes nurse training programs in healthcare facilities.

The cost of education for an RN is about 72 dollars for one hour per semester or 9,000 dollars for four-year education. Moreover, the cost of education does not include books, uniforms and practice classes in labs. The cost of trainings at hospital nursing school may be 50,000 dollars for resident students and about 100,000 for non-residents (School of Nursing and Health Studies, 2014).Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

The average salary for an RN position is about 65,470 dollars per year or about 32 dollars per hour. A registered nurse may have no experience for this salary. However, if a candidate has experience in this sphere, he/she could be offered a higher salary with a senior position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an RN position reached the figure of 2,711,500 in 2012. Researchers state that, during the further ten years, the demand in this position will grow on 19% (Page, 2013). Currently, there are 67 vacancies for this position in Florida (USAJobs, 2014).Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

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A registered nurse with no experience can easily find a job. The reason is the educational program, which is divided into two parts. The second part is dedicated to the practice classes; it means that, during two years, students perform obligations of an RN in hospitals or other healthcare centers. Thus, after graduation, an RN has experience of working with a client and he/she knows basic norms and standards, which are necessary for this position. Nevertheless, if a registered nurse has experience of working in any healthcare institution, it increases chances to find a job with a higher salary because one may occupy the position of a senior RN and have additional obligations.Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

RNs’ profession is a career for ambitious and hard-working people. In fact, it is possible to enter the job with as little as a 2-year associate degree, and once licensed, an RN can have a lot of opportunities for advancement. RNs that show the proper levels of ability and drive can implement considerable levels of liability and earn outstanding salaries.Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

Professional Activities
In fact, there are a lot of professional organizations for nurses. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) and the American Academy of Nursing are among the best ones. AMSN is the only department nursing association that is dedicated to the practical area of medical-surgical nursing. The mission of the organization is to endorse quality in medical-surgical nursing. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses is an effervescent community of about ten thousand medical-surgical nurses who are concerned about developing not only patient care but also themselves both professionally and personally promoting for the field of medical-surgical nursing and involving others who are able to contribute to their obligation and compassion (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 2014).Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

The American Academy of Nursing (AAN) involves leaders of nursing into practice, research, management, education, and strategy making. The mission of AAN is to endow the nursing career with prophet leadership, improve and develop scientific knowledge, highlight the donations of nursing leaders, and control the development of efficient health care strategies and programs (American Academy of Nursing, 2014).Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

One can find some useful and interesting journals on professional nursing on the Internet. Among them, there are Nursing World, AORN Journal, and Journal of Professional Nursing. The journal Nursing World was created on the basis of American Nursing Association that is the only full-service proficient organization that represents the interests of registered nurses in America through its basic and state nurses organizations and its directorial affiliates.

Talking about the Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) for this profession, one should remember that they are required. At one of the governmental sites, one can find the Act that requires twenty hours of continuing education every two-year period (Public Act 095-0639, 2008).Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

In order to earn nursing Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) credits, one can attend a diversity of seminars, conferences, workshops, or even register for correspondence or continuing education courses that are conducted online in addition to online nursing programs. Besides, a person can earn CEUs if he or she attends school this year in order to obtain a post-secondary degree in nursing, and was granted with an academic credit in 2013 for assignments that are particular to nursing practice. To meet the criteria for this option, a nurse must attain a certified set of transcripts from the organization before renewing and be capable of supplying it to the educational organization upon request if informed afterward that he or she has been chosen to be audited. The next way is if one possesses a qualification in a nursing area from one of the state organizations that are recognized by the organization he or she is going to apply for CEUs, and the certificate was current for the full calendar year of 2013, one may use it toward his/her CEUs obligation for certificate renewal (Kelly, 2012). Definition of Registered Nurse (RN) Essay Paper

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