Hello there, I do need a small paragraph answering these questions and if it’s hard for you and unclear then you can just rephrase these paragraphs below but make sure to not show any copy paste. So far I have the prompt below then the three Discussions from my classmates that you car rephrase if you feel anything is unclear. ( lastly, I need you to reply to two people with 100 words and that’s all.thank you. Look At Your FishIn the essay, “Look at Your Fish,” Samuel Hubbard Scudder discusses what he learned through looking closely at things.
You haven’t spent your time looking at fish, but rather political ads.
Take a minute to do as Hubbard Scudder has and reflect on what you have learned from your writing process and from the process of analysis.
Consider the following questions:
How do you see political advertisements differently now?
What was your “haemulon”? How did you see more in the ad the more you looked at it? What are some things you discovered or understood only after looking a long time?
Have you started looking at other things more analytically?
Schudder had to draw his fish over and over; we had to write and revise an essay. Did writing the essay help you see and understand the ad better?
Do you feel like you understand better why analysis and synthesis are important and useful thinking skills?
“Look at your Fish” (300 words min.) due Wednesday, 11:59 PM (your time zone).
5 points (graded completion).
Respond to two peers (100 words each) by Saturday, 11:59 PM (your time zone).
Click on the “Week Four Discussion 1” link to access the question.oneWith the presidential race going on right now I definitely view political ads differently. I’m checking for Aristotelian appeals, metaphors and logical fallacies all of the time. I find it difficult to just watch an ad without questioning who the target audience is and why the political person chose that route. I’m also checking to see who endorsed it. I never used to focus so much on political ads simply because they are annoying and constant. Now when I see them its like a personal assignment to figure it all out. I’m even watching regular commercials and advertisements now to see how they try and use different appeals to get the consumer to buy their product. I think breaking down the political ads piece by piece and putting them back together helped see every aspect that the ad was trying to convey. This class has helped me see why analysis and synthesis are important because I’m not just watching it to watch it. I’m breaking down what the ad is trying to sell and seeing a bigger picture. It makes being a consumer and understanding how advertisements work that much more interesting. Now I’m not just buying a product because of how it was portrayed in a commercial. Instead, I’m buying a product because I want to buy it. Same goes for my political views. I’ve always done my research when it came time to vote. But now I am able to see how political ads pushed viewers to feel a certain way. I feel like ordinary ads use a ton of appeals when targeting customers. It makes me wonder as a consumer how many times I’ve purchased things simply because an ad affected me that stongly. Going forward I’m going to do my research on both the product I’m buying and the person I would/could be potentially voting for or against.two

Political advertisements use to be something I would use to help make decisions on whom to vote for based on what I saw and heard. Now I realize that they are very biased and use multiple ways to try to get you to see their point of view. Not only are they biased, but they completely misconstrue the truth to get you to believe their point of view. Some things I discovered after paying close attention was that all pictures and sounds might have been taken out of context. One cannot just see an ad and think they now know every part of the situation. A tremendous amount of research needs to be done in order to have a good understanding of what is being talked about and what is real. No one can make decisions off of what they have been told in a political ad. Now, whenever I watch a political ad, so many things go through my head. Like what is the ad trying to get me to do? What are they trying to make me feel or see with their possibly out of context facts? Metaphors are strong in order to get somebody to see your point of view. Just because the words feel like they mean something important does not necessarily mean that you should take it to heart. Writing the essay to break down the ad in its many ways opened up my eyes to what they are all about. They are for people that are not educated on many facts pertaining to both parties—some things I would not have consciously caught beforehand. I might have actually just taken it for what it was, accepted it, and moved on to the next portion without even thinking about it. I understand entirely why analysis and synthesis are essential than ever before. Do not take something important like political ads for what they are. Understand them and why they are being made. If not, the decision might be made for you.threeDuring the era of major networks controlling what we see, political ads were almost unavoidable. The ads were so repetitive, it they went from being informative the first few times, to annoying after hearing them over and over again, to becoming background noise. We have much more control over what we see, and may chose to see an ad based on opinions we form social media. Just as our favorite shows are now on-demand, so are political ads we want to view. In my younger years, I was into politics, and followed the candidates and their stance on issues that mattered to me, but my “haemulon” is seeing those same “fish” for several decades. Although they are saying something slightly different, they are the same and I am forced to try and observe them hoping to find something different. As time goes on, I see that they are different and the same just as visualized fractal geometry. Although politics are not my most desirable area to use these analytical skills, I am viewing current events and the news from different point of views, rather then just how it will affect me. The media is the same for everyone to view, the content is the same, but everyone sees something different, and the evidence is in the current events. There are places in the country where there are almost riots to open back up and bring things back to “normal” and other areas of the country where people are taking it in stride. In conclusion, this class has helped me look at the same thing, whether it be a political ad, or a metaphorical fish, I will consider who the intended audience, what the message is that is being said as well as what is not being said in the ad.

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