After reviewing these links, complete the steps listed below.

Nestorov, H. (2016, February 28). Insert Excel table into Word document [Video file]. Retrieved from (2:23) 
eHow. (2009, January 26). Using Microsoft Word: How to write HTML in Word [Video file]. Retrieved from (1:15)

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Create HTML Using MS Word
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In this exercise, you will use Microsoft Word to create a simple website for Heritage Dogs.

Launch Word and type “Heritage Dogs” into the document.
Click File > Save As and save your file as a Web Page named “index.html” rather than as a Word Document. Save the file as “index.html.” (Depending on your version of Word, the default for the file extension may be “htm,” which is also recognized as a web page.)
Click New to create another page and type “Thai Ridgeback” into the document.
Save it as “Thai Ridgeback.html.”
Create additional web pages for each breed that Heritage Dogs plans to promote (Come up with at least three more).
Return to the index page and type “Thai Ridgeback” into the document. Highlight “Thai Ridgeback” and click Insert > Hyperlink and locate “Thai Ridgeback.html.” Select the file and click OK. You have just created a hyperlink.
After you create additional hyperlinks for each breed, save and close the files.
Locate the index file on your computer, and open it with the browser of your choice.
Check the hyperlinks to make sure they all work.
Go back to each individual breed’s page and add a brief description for each breed and small image.  Save each page and check all the links again.
Submit ALL of your files to this assignment submission folder.

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