Name three benefits of ERP and define one briefly.

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DB Response

Three benefits of ERP are Easy Management, Accuracy and best practices and ROI. ERP is a computer based system which is used by businesses to manage their resources, both external and internal. It manages systems assets and resources like human resources, materials, financial resources and tangible assets. The ERP system helps to smooth the progress of the information flow between all the functions of a business which are inside the scope of and organization and the ERP is responsible for managing the connections to end users.


The ROI is a major benefit of ERP. A better ROI provide the company with software that provides better visiability and helps improve efficiency. ROI also helps in saving time by reducing duplicate work such as duplicate data entry. This benefit helps employees to increase their abilities and reduce the non value added activities. ROI is how much profit or cost saving realized. Overall it is an enterprised that is sometimes used as a way to grade how well a company is managed.

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