The discussion assignment for this week will be developing a professional proposal. Knowing your audience is important to creating the tone and format in your technical proposal. In this assignment, you will be reworking the draft proposal you developed for your instructor to submit to a potential project sponsor. Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Research the library and the Internet for information on suggested formats for a formal proposal to a project sponsor.
  • Select 1 of the researched formats, and rework your draft you created in the first week.
  • You will be posting this proposal to be critiqued by your peers in the Discussion Board.
  • Be sure to share the source of your format and why it is appropriate for this type of proposal.
  • Explain why knowing your audience was helpful in developing a professional proposal.

First Assignment

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Developing a procedure manual for a business follows the following guidelines and template. The first step is to determine the quality of the manual. The manual should be simple to use and read. A manual that requires its own procedure manual for interpretation is of not much use to the employees. The procedure manual must adhere to all the information, design, and elements (NSNA, 2015). The process that is described within the manual should be clear so that the readers can follow and understand without difficulty. The next guidelines that the procedure manual must take into account are the features. The procedure manual has to vary in some specific features that are based on the type of information the manual carries. The paragraphs in the procedure manual must begin and end without confusing the reader. Any figure and chart should be easy to interpret and understand within the manual (Lorette, 2015). The writing style is another imperative format that the template must take into account. The writing style in the procedure manual relies on a concise and clear language. The procedural information is accurate and the acronyms are explained in parentheses (NSNA, 2015). The next step is the design of the procedure manual that dominantly depends on the type of procedure that has been outlined. The procedure manual uses a great deal of white space and the manual is not overloaded with a lot of print stuffs. The last step in the development of the template depends on the responsibility of the individuals that are responsible for writing of the manual. The professionals writing the manual are also responsible for reviewing it for further developments periodically.


The above template will be adapted to develop the procedure manual by following the steps and reviewing the procedures (Lorette, 2015). The adoption of the process requires time and professional assistance from the tutors and instructors so as to achieve a comprehensive procedure manual. The primary advantage of the template is that it is flexible and does not need further interpretation from professional.




Lorette, K. (2015). The Guidelines on Writing Procedure Manuals. Demand media.


Retrieved from


NSNA. (2015). How to Create a Policy and Procedure Manual or update Chapter Policies and

Procedure.Retrieved from

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