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1- Internet Security. Due to our growing reliance on the Internet for critical applications, a security approach based on “user beware” is unacceptable. The software systems are too vulnerable to attacks for this approach to work. Discuss this issue in relation to good software engineering practices (responsible disclosure) and our social acceptance of hackers and hacking. How is the Department of Homeland Security is addressing the issue? 
its should be MLA style 
2-Software Quality.The software industry is plagued by poor quality software. Faults in software include everything from the vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows for virus attack to a device driver that will not operate your CD-ROM player. Software projects suffer cost overruns which cause a loss of profit for private companies and a waste of taxpayer’s money in the public sector. Yet software developers continue to make enormous amounts of profit. Should the software industry be regulated? Should programmers be licensed? 
its should be MLA style 

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