Suppose you have created tables in assignment 1 as follows Tables: Company(cid, cname, city, state) /* city is the company’s location, cname is state) /* city is the company’s location, cname is company name  */ Employee(eid, ename, street, city, state, salary, cid) /* city is where the employee lives*/
Manages(eid, mid) /* mid is manager’s ID*/ Please write PL/SQL program for the following problems.

1: Please create a PL/SQL procedure that given a company name, print out names of employees working at that company. Test your procedure with a company name you have in your company table. 2: Please create a PL/SQL function get_manager that returns the manager’s mid given the name of an employee. If an employee does not have a manger, return a null value. Please write an anonymous PL/SQL program to call this function with some employee name as input, and print out the results. You can assume that each employee has at most one manager.

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