Directions: Select one of six briefs from the Logo Design Power-point (slides 31-36). Once you decide on the company, you will conduct the following steps to complete the project:

1.Begin Type Treatments

  •  10 type treatments for the name. Make sure you adjust kerning as needed.

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  •Choose the best 3 font treatments.   Now come up with 3 additional changes to that type treatment (Make 3 different ideas on each page) do this for all 3.  1 page will use 1 of the best type treatments, you will then create 3 variations using that type treatment. You will end up with 3 pages of 3 treatments for a total of 9 type treatments. 

2. Thumbnail Sketches: (by hand)

10 hand sketch ideas.

• While you are doing your type treatments you should be coming up with ideas for the symbol for your logo. This can be pictorial or abstract.

• Sketch by hand and use tracing paper as a way to trace images if needed.  Come up with variations of the word mark. Some sketches can be symbols only, some can be lettermarks only, some can be combinations.

• Refined more detailed hand sketches.  These are based on the first set of sketches, but they have been narrowed down by the art director.

3. Refine Logo Ideas in the Computer:

•  This is where you will create your refined sketches and work in Photoshop to create logo symbols based on your sketches.

• In the computer, (Photoshop) match your final symbols with your type treatments. 

4. Final Logo Decision:

The art director (Me) will decide on the final logo. I am the client as well, so it is my decision.  But it is up to the you as the designer to convince me of the one you think is the best.

5. Logo Placement Visuals:

The final logo will placed in 2 settings that will  show the potential of the Final Logo to the client. It can be placed on advertising, building exterior, shopping bag, T-Shirts, billboard, etc. These should pertain to the company you are creating your logo for. Example: Barber shop will not have shopping bags.

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