Collective Bargaining

1. What are reasons that nurses want to join a union?

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2. What are the reasons that nurses do not want to join a union?

3. What are the common union organizing strategies?

The role of nursing unions and collective bargaining for APRNs is multi-faceted. What began as the National League for Nursing (NLN) and American Nurses Association (ANA) has now expanded to numerous agencies representing the nursing profession. This expansion allows for further collaboration among organizations, which is the purpose for all nursing unions or collective bargaining agencies. This purpose is strength through unity (Matthews, 2012). Nursing unions and collective bargaining has established standards, wages, and protections for nurses, but it also works to protect the nursing profession’s most important feature, patients.
One of the expected targets and roles of collecting bargaining in the nursing profession is wages. Wage information from the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses revealed that unionized nurses make higher wages than non-union nurses. Furthermore, non-union nurses received a wage benefit due to the actions of collective bargaining (Coombs, Newman, Cebula & White, 2015). This reveals the scope of unions, which is the entire profession, unionized or not.Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

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Unions also establish standards in regard to what a nurse’s role is in the healthcare field. This protects a nurse from working beyond her scope, but it also protects patients from nurses who would have to work outside their expertise or under unfair circumstances. Nursing shift lengths and allowances for breaks are fought for through unions, and this leads to better health outcomes for nurses and their patients.

In today’s world, the nursing profession is expanding, and the credentials behind what could be called a nurse is growing and shrinking. As such, unions are now charged with limiting the care offered by nursing assistants but also fighting for the skill sets of APRNs, so proper wages are given and job duties recognized. Administrators and business advisors are, at times, less concerned with who should do the work and more concerned with how much it cost. As the nursing profession expands, the role of unions advocate for the increasing number of people in the field.Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the information I have learned in module three as well as to introduce the topic of nursing unions. Important topics to be discussed are policy and politics in nursing professional associations, organizations and unions, and nurses being advocates of change regarding issues in the workplace. I will first summarize the information I have learned throughout my readings in module three. In module three, I was able to further my knowledge on how policy and politics come into play in the nursing workforce. For example, how this effects quality and safety in our working environment as well as staffing ratios. As nurses, quality and safety in regards to patient care is our main priority. This being said, The Joint Commission, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, along with Blue Cross & Blue Shield have set new safety measures (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2014). The main goals of these organizations is to assure positive and safe patient outcomes by setting standards that guide providers practice (Mason et al., 2014). Another concept in ensuring patient safety is providing standards in which health care providers, staff, and family members communicate with patients.Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

The mission is successful negotiation of fair wages, safe working conditions and exemplary patient care. Can the nation’s labor unions help nursing healthcare professionals meet these mission goals? Battles are currently being fought to preserve and reform the Nation’s healthcare system. Along with proposed changes to the affordability and accessibility of medical care, healthcare providers will be faced with challenges of patient-to-provider ratios, rising costs, falling salaries/benefits and change in patient care roles. Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

This concentration allows the SEIU to garner significant influential powers to assist today’s service workers in gaining and maintaining competitive working environments.
According the SEIU there “… are five good reasons to join your co-workers in uniting to form a union:
# 1 – Working together, union members have the strength to win better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and safer workplaces.
# 2 – The “union advantage” is substantial. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, union members are much more likely to have health benefits and pensions.
# 3 – For people of color and women workers, the union impact is even greater. Women workers who are union members earn nearly $9,000 a year more than their non-union counterparts. For African-American workers, the union differential is also about $9,000, and for Latino workers the yearly advantage is more than $11,000.Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

Collective Bargaining and the Professional Nurse
Please answer the following Discussion Question. Please be certain to answer the three questions on this week DQ and to provide a well-developed and complete answer to receive credit.

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Minimum 3 citations with Bibliography

Case Study, Chapter 15, Collective Bargaining and the Professional Nurse

A nurse manager is concerned about a competing hospital in town that is publically hearing a lot about collective bargaining and the steps that the nurses have been taking to start a union. The nurse manager’s organization is aggressively providing in-depth education to all employees about collective bargaining in order to answer numerous questions that have arisen recently.Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nurse Essay

1. What are reasons that nurses want to join a union?

2. What are the reasons that nurses do not want to join a union?

3. What are the common union organizing strategies? Collective Bargaining And The Professional Nur


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