Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay

Long-term care is vital in the United States health care system. As the population ages, more people will need assistance to recover from illness or injury, and others will need end of life care to ease their passing. People who use long-term care are all ages. From young to old, people can receive it if they cannot care for themselves because of a condition, an illness, or an injury that requires assistance for a period of 90 days or more.Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay The concern people face when looking at long-term care is the funding. Medicaid will likely be drained of funds long before the country’s aging population is past its peak and while there are some options of insurance coverage, not everyone may afford them.
There has been development
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Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay
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People can receive care in a home setting, a community, or an institutional setting.Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay Some of these settings include home care services, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. The amount of care given varies by person based on his or her needs to function in their daily lives. They are determined by Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). Barton lists ADLs as eating, bathing, dressing, getting to and using the bathroom, getting in or out of bed or a chair, and mobility. Barton describes IADLs as going outside the home, keeping track of money or bills, preparing meals, doing light housework, using the telephone, and taking medicine.
People provide care by informal family providers in the home setting as well as nurses or other staff that they hire to assist. The majority of the informal settings consist of an elderly parent under the care of an adult daughter. Often these women have young children of their own to take care of. This group is sometimes referred to as the “sandwich generation” because their own needs become sandwiched between those of older parents or other family members and those of children, adolescents, and young adults (Barton, 2006).Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay There may be a decline in informal care in the future as family trends change and less that can give the time, support, and finances to do this job.
In a formal setting, trained caregivers are compensated for their care.

To research and address the challenges long-term care facilities (LTCFs) may face when dealing with in the event of a disaster of any kind. Analyze how prepared a facility should be in anticipation of any kind of disaster. I have found that there are four different stages to prepare for a disaster; prevention, planning, response and, recovery. There are various types of LTCFs, based on the patient population and services provided, include nursing homes, long-term acute care facilities, psychiatric institutions, foster and group homes, retirement homes, and rehabilitation centers. These facilities also face challenges with lack of resources post disaster through state and local government and communities. Disasters can…show more content…Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay
Using proper sanitation techniques and having sanitizer stations throughout the facility can help in the management of disease control within a LTCF. Maintaining the facility and making sure it is up to date on county facility codes and regulations. Having a safe and sound facility structure can ensure safety and reduce potential risk of structure damage.Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay The facility should also keep all medical equipment up to date on maintenance. The facility may also choose to have a backup power system to prevent power failure during a disaster. Facilities will need to have staff members trained in emergency response, possibly use intercom for emergency color code system like hospital use to increase response time. With LTCF’s being populated with the more vulnerable and fail group of patients it is essential to the staff and facility to take extra preventative steps to decrease the risks towards these patients associated with any disaster that may arise. Planning: Regardless of their causes, disasters invoke human reactions in the context of social institution, small communities or long-term care facilities. The attempt to reestablish the social order of the culture after a disaster requires anticipation and collaborative planning prior to any disaster.Challenges In Long-Term Care Essay


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