It has to be a substantial paper on any topic of cell biology, with a minimum of 4 references, up to 3 double spaced pages.
Please choose the topic:

1.Cells and Organelles
2.Chemistry of the Cell
3.Membranes (Structure and Function) 
4.Membranes (Transport)
5.Endomembranes, Endocytosis/Exocytosis
6.Cell Junctions and Extracellular Structures
7.Glycolysis, Aerobic metabolism
9.Signal transduction (Electrical)
10.Signal transduction (Synaptic)
11.Signal transduction (Messengers and Receptors)
12.Cytoskeleton and Motility
14.Cell Cycle
15.Mitosis, Meiosis
16.Chromosomal Inheritance
17.Nucleus, Chromosomes, DNA
18.DNA Structure and Replication
19.Genetic Code and Transcription
20.Regulation of Gene Expression. Cancer

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