Case Study On Nursing Research Paper.


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Case Study On Nursing Research Paper.
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A research proposal in nursing research helps the researcher to design the project. It ensures that all factors related to the project are considered including: its purpose; review of literature; methods; and budget that will be required (Munhall, 2011). This paper explores the importance of a literature review in a nursing proposal and suggests a possible problem statement in a chosen research field.
A literature review is typically a secondary source and thus does not present new works. A literature review aims to explore the works of other authors in the chosen or related field of study. It identifies critical areas of study in the field. In addition, it also seeks to uncover any significant findings, as well as academic or experimental contributions to the study (Walsh, 2011). A literature review therefore aims to present the existing body of knowledge with regards to the existing body of knowledge in the chosen area of study. Carrying out a comprehensive literature review involves reading works from many authors in different sources of scholarly literature. These include academic journals, books, credible websites, and research studies by other authors, credible newspapers, and other reputable sources (Yates, 2011).Case Study On Nursing Research Paper.

In a nursing research proposal, the literature review is an integral part of the proposal. However, it does not have to be as comprehensive as that found in the thesis (Welford, Murphy, and Casey, 2011). Despite this, it still requires to be wholesome enough to put the research question, aims and hypothesis in perspective with regards to the existing body of knowledge (Yates, 2011).

Convert your chosen topic to the focus of a nursing research proposal by creating a research problem statement and hypothesis

Problem Statement – This study aims to explore the subject: The relationship between infection and hygiene in the hospitals.
Research Questions – How do nurses perceive hygiene in the health centers?
How stringent are they in adhering to hygienic standards?
How do low levels of hygiene in health centers contribute to infections?
Hypothesis – There is no relationship between hygiene and infections in hospitals.Case Study On Nursing Research Paper.

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