Follow these guidelines for the paper and powerpoint1.Identify 5 or more Key Facts (Be sure to include actions that may have given rise to punitive damages.)2. Identify 3 stakeholders and their stakes (Suggestion: use a matrix format)3. Dilemma/Issue(s) posed to management (identify one or two issues.)4. What action management actually took5. Cost/benefit analysis of management’s actual course of action, as to each stakeholder (Suggestion: use a matrix format)6. Invoke at least two (or more) ethical principles or standards to review the cost/benefit analysis7. Alternatives open to management at least one8. Impact of alternative courses of action on each of the stakeholders (Suggestion: use a matrix format showing cost/benefit analysis of each alternative. Include punitive damage costs.)9. Invoke at least two (or more) ethical principles or standards to review the cost/benefit analysis of the alternatives identified10. Take a position/what would you have done: recommend a specific course of action (to upper management) 3 or more recommendations11. Aftermath of incident (provide 3 updates)12. Lessons other corporations can learn from this case (3 lessons)13. Make up 4-5 discussion questions about the case for the classYou should provide at least seven web sources for the case. If bibliography and supporting materials are not submitted with the case study, or fewer than the required number of sources are used, ten points will be deducted from the grade

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Case analyses based on the origins of financial crisis of 2008.
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