Factory A pays its employees differently depending on his/her position within the organization.
– Managers receive a fixed weekly salary. 
-Hourly workers receive a fixed hourly wage for up to the first 40 hours they work and remaining hours are paid 1.5 times their hourly wage i.e. for overtime hour work.  
-Commission workers receive a basic salary of $250 plus 5.7% of their gross weekly sales for Item A, 6.4% of their gross weekly sales for Item B and 7.2% of their gross weekly sales for Item C.  
-Pieceworkers receive a fixed amount of money for each of the items they produce – each pieceworker in Factory A works on a maximum of three types of items. Item 1 pays $22.50 per item, Item 2 pays $24.50 per item and Item 3 pays $26.00 per item. 

Write a program to assist the payroll secretary in computing the weekly pay for each employee. The number of employees varies each week. Each type of employee has its own pay code: Managers have paycode 1, hourly workers have paycode 2, commission workers have paycode 3 and pieceworkers have paycode 4.
 The program must prompt the payroll clerk to enter the appropriate information requires to calculate each employee’s weekly pay based on that employee’s paycode. A summary of total employees and total amount paid (sorted for each position) must be displayed at the end.

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 Note that when the payroll clerk enters any inappropriate data (for example, entered 6 or a character as the paycode), the program should display an error message i.e. any potential problems should be addressed in your code to avoid any fatal errors. You can assume the user only enters one number or character at one time. 
For this assignment, you are required to:
 1. Formulate the algorithm using pseudocode
2. Draw a flow chart. 
3. Write a working C program. 
Below are some examples of the program output:

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