Hello I need assistance with writing a 5 page anecdotal reflection Essay. I have attached all the instructions and requirements for the essay. Please read and follow all instructions.

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Business Management Essay (This essay is an anecdotal reflection (i.e., an experiential case study).
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This essay is an anecdotal reflection (i.e., an experiential case study). It is an opportunity for you
to apply some of the theories discussed in class to an actual experience (the anecdote).
First, describe a situation that you have experienced, in your current organization or in a prior one,
which touches on selected theories of organizational behavior. For your anecdote, select a situation
that could have gone better, had one or more key actors (perhaps yourself, perhaps one or more
others) understood certain theories from organizational behavior.
The situation at issue may be a single event, an ongoing role, or any other variation. It may consist
of ineffective policies or practices, counterproductive behaviors, or personality clashes.
Organizational context. After describing the situation in the introduction, determine the most
relevant contextual factors, and describe them. Draw from at least one of these areas of interest:
(a) demographic diversity; (b) cultural diversity; (c) personality; (d) organizational culture; or (e)
power. Note that each topic has some self-evident subtopics.
Theoretical dynamic. After explaining the organizational context, now proceed to describe the
main dynamic at play, based on the most relevant theory available. Draw from at least one of these
theoretical frameworks: (a) motivation; (b) leadership; (c) conflict; (d) communication; or (e)
decision making. Note again that each topic has some self-evident subtopics.
For example, perhaps your anecdote recalls a boss with an overbearing style, which undermined
communication. Here, the context may be power (strong position power, weak person power). The
theoretical dynamic may be communication (one-way directives and a lack of openness undermine
trust). In this case, an understanding of communication theory might have benefited the situation.
APA style: Include title page (no abstract), body, and references (see the sample paper). For the
body, follow this sequence:
Introductory Section [no section header—see the APA style sample paper] [~1 page]
Describe the situation, and provide background on the organization in which it occurred.
Organizational Context [main section header—centered and bold] [~1.5 pages]
Explain the context surrounding the situation using the guidance given above.
Theoretical Dynamic [main section header—centered and bold] [~1.5 pages]
Describe the main theoretical dynamic using the guidance given above.
Discussion [main section header—centered and bold] [~1 page]
Explore how the concepts that you have discussed might have helped in this situation.
Standards. See the posted APA-styled sample paper. Minimum length is 1,400 words, from the
introduction to the end of the concluding section, excluding quoted or parenthetical content. Cite
at least the textbook and five qualifying sources based on the criteria listed in the syllabus.

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