Portfolio Project (300 Points)

For your Portfolio Project, you will develop the following:

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  1. Section I Organizational Problem or Opportunity
  2. Section II Organizational Problem or Opportunity Background

Please use the Portfolio Project Template as a guide in constructing your narrative.

Section I Organizational Problem or Opportunity

  • Introduction
  • Description of the problem or opportunity
  • Purpose of the investigation
  • Management/business questions
  • Intended audience
  • Summary of section highlights

Section II Problem or Opportunity Background

  • Introduction
  • Definition of terms
  • Management question or management dilemma related topics
    • Current state of the target organization
    • Relevant organizational processes or systems or functions
    • Relevant theory
    • Summary of section highlights

Remember the literature review (Problem or Opportunity Background) does not attempt to answer your problem statement or management question. The literature review is a summary of the information that you found in articles, studies, books, industry reports, government documents, and other sources, that describes the current state of concepts, theories, and other areas that pertain to your purpose and problem/idea statement. Please include a minimum of fifteen different sources of information within Section II.

Your well-written, six- to ten-page Portfolio Project should be well organized. The content should be clear and concise and easy for a decision maker to follow and comprehend. Your paper should employ formatting and a writing style that are in line with APA Requirements, including but not limited to title page, table of contents, headings, subheadings, formatting, references and citations.

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