You are presenting a plan to your senior management team about market tests and risks. Risk testing is important and a suggestion has been made for you to consider the following risk categories: market-based risks, technological risks, manufacturing risks, and design risks. Would you include any or all of these additional categories as risk-testing categories? Defend your decision. 

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Question:How is corporate venturing used as an aid to search for innovation opportunities? Explain the relationship of the organization’s strategic plan and vision statement to the corporate venturing methodology.



Questions:Some product development activities are risky and some are more conventional. Compare and contrast conventional project management with the management of risky projects, and identify at least five differences. Of the differences between the project types identified, which difference would you rank as most significant and why would you rank the difference as such?


question:Large firms and small firms have advantages and disadvantages that aid the design of a new product marketing plan. Which size firm is more likely to focus on niche markets? Describe the characteristics present that make this focus likely. (Points : 25)




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