Module 2 Discussion: General Planning

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Post your initial response no later than Thursday for full credit. Post your three peer responses no later than Sunday for full credit. Additional consideration is given to discussion threads that result in an exchange between individuals and not just obligatory responses!

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Process Groups

This quarter your team will accomplish a very real project.  You don’t know what it is yet, because your team hasn’t met to discuss this.  So let’s just take an example.

What if your project is to complete a website that provides some specific information that people out there really need? What are some of the activities your team would actually have to accomplish during this quarter to make this an effective project?  

That’s our discussion this week.

This week’s forum you get to select one of the project management process groups listed below for your discussion post this week. For your initial post:
  • Choose one process group – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, or Closing – to develop a discussion response!
  • Describe one activity you feel is important and must be implemented/initiated in order for the informational website project to be a success. If you get stuck on what to write – Think about “why” you feel it is important or “why” the activity is a good idea, or give some background “why” the activity fits in a particular process group, etc.  
  • For example: you may decide that as part of the Planning Processes Group your team will need to do a survey to find out what the greatest informational need is for some group.  You should “Reply” stating the Planning Processes group in your response and describe this activity in enough detail so others can respond to your post with further thoughts and questions.)
  1. Initiating: What activities would be important to define and authorize the project or phase during this quarter’s project?
  2. Planning: What activities would be key for planning out the scheme for handling the scope, schedule, costs, or resource usage?
  3. Executing: What activities would be needed to coordinate the people and other resources and to provide the quality assurance to produce the results of the project and its phases?
  4. Monitoring/Controlling: What communication, change management, and quality control activities would be valuable to make sure the project objectives are met?
  5. Closing: What important elements should be considered at the closing/ending for a project?
  • Provide a thorough initial response that identifies a task, assigns it to the proper process group, and discusses why this might be important.
  • Respond to at least three other participants posts
With all our minds at work on this, I bet we’ll come up with some important insights on how each of the five process groups really matter to the success of the quarter’s project.

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