1. Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, by Kenneth Clow and Donald Baack, 5th edition, 2012

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    1. The individuals who develop the actual advertisements for promotional campaigns are called ___________.

    a. receivers

    b. account executives

    c. brand managers

    d. creatives


    2. The person or group who wishes to convey a message is which element of the communication process?

    a. receiver

    b. encoder

    c. sender

    d. decoder


    3. The second element of an IMC marketing plan following a situation analysis is a ___________.

    a. situational analysis

    b. target market

    c. SWOT analysis

    d. marketing objectives



    4. Selling Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup milkshakes at the DQ is an example of ____________.

    a. flanker branding

    b. complementary branding

    c. cooperative branding

    d. extension branding



    5. New trends in packaging include the following except ____________.

    a. designed for ease of use

    b. contemporary and striking design

    c. prevent tampering

    d. meet consumer needs for speed, convenience and portability



    6. During the external information search process for product information, consumers with high levels of involvement tend to spend ____________.

    a. less time searching for external information

    b. more time shopping in retail stores

    c. rely on external information more than internal information

    d. more time searching for external information


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