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Business Finance – Management Assignment
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1. I need to have this paraphrased with the same amount of words.
2. SWOT Analysis, Mission Statement, vision Statement must remain in this.



            All of the following decisions and recommendations by Dynamite Consulting for CanGo Inc. based on observations of CanGo meetings and visits with the current management and staff.  Financial statements were also made available to us to make sound financial decisions.  The SWOT Analysis shows the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for CanGo to see where the profit margins are and how much growth there is available. 


            Some areas that could be disastrous for CanGo are inadequate customer service, inadequate bandwidth or technical support.  CanGo’s management processes need to be reviewed to figure out how to get more out of their employees and to better the business. 


            Dynamite Consulting has recommendations that can help to better organize CanGo management, technical department and marketing.  With the few recommendations it is a step in the right direction to increase CanGo financially with larger investment capital.


            The first important aspect that needs to be addressed is having a vision and mission statement.   Here is what Team Dynamite recommends.  Vision statement stating:  We have great faith in the value of our employees and our customers.  We also believe that the best way to honor our employees is allowing their involvement in the decision-making, innovation, and being creative in our modern technology.  Mission statement stating:We intend to provide our customers with the best online gaming shopping experience.  We will offer the highest quality products for the most affordable prices.  You can experience a one stop shopping from beginning to end including books, CD/DVD/MP3’s.  Our website offers a smart, user-friendly, easy to
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