Question: Trade is behind China and India’s spectacular growth for the past two decades. What makes China and India so competitive in the global market? How will the world adapt to China and India? 


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In Essay Format:


– Indentification of the issue/ Introduction

– Relevant information

– Application of knowledge

– Conclusion and recommendation


– With Microsoft word document

– This essay should not exceed 3000 word limit

– For references, use the Chicago AuthorDate style (IN TEXT AND REFERENCE)



Sample Referencing



  1. OECD (2005), .Key Challenges for the Chinese Economy,. in OECD Economic Surveys: China, Chapter 1, pp. 27-69, (September),

  2. Edwin Lim, Michael Spence and Ricardo Hausmann (2006), .China and the Global Economy: Medium Term Issues and Options . A Synthesis Report,. Working Paper no. 126, Center for International Development, Harvard University, (June), 




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