Write either a Short Paper (SP) related to behavioral finance or a Corporate Report (CR) related to behavioral finance. Each SP or CR will be 5-8 double spaced pages (not counting references page or appendices). Short Papers (SPs) should be based on a journal article or behavioral finance issue of the student’s choice. The selected article should have been published within the last two(2) years. Topics selected for such papers should be applied topics with real-world implications and should be related to behavioral finance. If you use an online source, check that it provides credible information. Your SP should summarize the main points in the paper, and then critically analyze the paper’s conclusions in the context of the subject matter covered in the course. A recommended source for articles is SSRN with free download capability: www.ssrn.com. When you submit your SP, you must also submit your original article along with your paper; otherwise points will be subtracted. If you chose to write a Corporate Report (CR) instead of a Short Paper and as mentioned in above, you may identify a real world case (publicly traded firm) of decision making that represents value destruction form the effects of biases, heuristics and/or framing effects. Your CR should analyze how these psychological factors played an important role in the adverse results achieved by the firm. 

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