Essay questions/make chart (chart must be made for healthcare with reference). 2 parts. Scholarly sources used with each answer with references page in APA format. Good quality original answers.

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Part 1

1. compare and contrast the ways that various healthcare players attempt to cut costs. Describe the ethical issues that are presented through the cost cutting process.

2.analyze some of the sources used by facilities for short term cash and short term investments. Identify and explain which of these options is the best choice for a facility, and which is the least lucrative.

3. there are various ways that a facility acquires capital. Describe the strategies employed to manage this capital.

4. mergers are a common strategy to reduce costs for healthcare facilities.

        a) analyze mergers and acquisitions of facilities in the past . from these examples, identify factors that influenced these mergers.

          b) evaluate the financial effects that mergers cause for facilities that are merging, the parties and the community.

Part 2

Identify a healthcare facility of your choice.

1.      Analyze and research the financial documents and annual reports of this facility.

2.      Create a SWOT analysis of the facilities financial situation : include the effect that financial reform will have on the facility .

   a)S(strengths) W(weakness)  T(threats)

             1. strenghts ad weakness should be in regards to the current financial situation on             the facility

             2. Opportunities and threats should be focus on the effects that the financial reform will have.



·         All responses must be supported with scholarly resources. Include both in text citation and a reference page.

·          Use APA formatting in your document.


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