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F3.1 Choose an individual perspective, such as a college student, business professional, new investor, etc., then explain which of the objectives on monetary policy you would like the Federal Reserve to focus on in the coming years? How might this be different if you chose a different perspective? (200 WORDS REPONSE)


F3.2 The Federal Reserve chairman is often referred to as the most important person in the financial system. Why do you think this is? (200 WORDS REPONSE)


LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1.1 to 1.4 will be used to answer question FS.

*   Explain the primary functions of the Federal Reserve.

*  Describe the impact of Federal Reserve policies on interest rates and the U.S. economy.

*   Evaluate how Federal Reserve policies impact financial markets and institutions.

*  Determine the reasons why banks are regulated.


FS. Briefly summarize what you have learned from the learning objectives listed above. What did you learn that you had never even thought about before?  Did you have an “Ah-ha” moment when a light bulb came on in your head?  What did you previously know a little about that you gained a greater understanding of?  Finally, what do you consider important that you learned and why? (200 WORDS REPONSE)



F4.1 Why are financial ratios used to assess a company’s financial performance? Why are sales reports, profits, debts, or current liability reports insufficient? How have financial ratios been used in your company? Do you think they are an effective assessment of financial performance? If so, why? If not, why? If you had to pick three commonly calculated ratios to analyze the financial health of a company, which would you analyze? Why would you choose those ratios? (200 WORDS REPONSE)


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