1. A general rule that should be followed when developing control procedures for a company’s assets is:
The cost of the control procedure will likely exceed the procedure’s benefit
The procedure should not be designed and implemented unless an asset’s cost exceeds $5,000
The more liquid an asset is, the greater the risk of its misappropriation
The procedure should not be designed and implemented in situations where a risk assessment has been previously performed

2. Assume that a company designs and implements a control procedure whereby the accountant that is responsible for recording cash receipts transactions does not have access to the cash itself.  This control procedure is an example of a:
Detective control
Preventive control
Corrective control
Feedback control

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3. Regarding the cost-benefit concept, which of the following statements is true?
A) Every control procedure that offers benefits to a company should be implemented into the company’s system
B) An optimal internal control package is developed for a company’s system by implementing a standardized package of control procedures
C) A control procedure is considered cost effective if it can be determined that the cost of operating the procedure will be cheaper in the current period compared to the previous period
D) A control procedure is considered cost effective when its anticipated benefits exceed its anticipated costs

4.  A student fails a course at his university.  Which of these is most likely to be the cause of the problem and not a symptom of this problem?
A) An angry student
B) The student gets placed on probation
C) The student’s mother pays an angry visit to the dean of students
D) The student did not study for the course

5. Which of these is true when designing control procedures for a computer system?
A) Control procedures are irrelevant
B) Control procedures should be designed and implemented after the proposed system is functioning properly
C) Control procedures should be built into the system as it is designed
D) Control procedures should be implemented regardless of their costs


6. When designing a computer based information system, the initial step in the systems design process is to determine:
A) The required outputs
B) The source documents which serve as the basis for input
C) The processing required
D) The computers that will be used
E) The file information required during processing

7. All of these are types of record keys except:
A) Primary record key
B) Secondary record key
C) Tertiary record key
D) Foreign record key

8. All of these are database structures except:
A) Hierarchical
B) Network
C) Star
D) Relational

9. This type of database structure enables users to create relationships after the database has been created and implemented:
A) Hierarchical
B) Network
C) Star
D) Relational

10. In the REA framework, a database designer should create a ____  for each entity.
A) Record
B) Table
C) Secondary key
D) all of these

11. The reason why database designers normalize data is:
A) To eliminate data errors
B) To scale data properly
C) To create backup copies of data
D) To create efficient database tables

12. An example of a transitive dependency in a database is:
A) Student  grade
B) Telephone area code  phone number
C) Airline  flight number
D) Parking Code  parking fine

13. You are defining a database table.  Which of the following best explains why you would assign a Social Security number field as a text field?
The field will not be manipulated mathematically
This is the default data type for most DBMS table fields
The field is too long to define as a numerical field
You plan to use this field as a primary key, which must therefore be a text field

14. One purpose of a data manipulation language is to:
A) Create data fields
B) Define the record structure
C) Create queries on the data
D) all of these


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