Wind River Motel adjusts and closes its accounts once a year on December 31. Most guests of the motel pay at the time they check out and the amounts collected are credited to Rental Revenue. A few guests pay in advance for rooms and these amounts are credited to Unearned Rental Revenue at the time of receipt. T he following in formation is available as a source for preparing adjusting entries at Decembe31.

1. Salaries earned by employees but not yet paid a mount o $10,000.
2.  As of December 31, the motel has earned $5,040 rental revenue from current guests who will not be billed until they are ready to check out.
3.  On December1 6, a suite of rooms was rented to a corporation for six months at a monthly rate of $1,600. The entire six months rent of $9,600w as collected in advance and credited to Unearned Rental Revenue.  At December 31, the amount of $800, representing one-half month’s rent, was considered to be earned and the remainder of $8,800w as considered to be unearned.
4.  A one-year bank loan in the amount of $90,000 had been obtained on November 1. No interest has been paid and no interest expense has been recorded. The interest accrued at December 31 is $1,900.
5.  Depreciation on the motel for the year ended December 31 was $43,800.
6.  Depreciation on a station wagon owned by the motel was based on a four year life’ The station wagon had been purchased new on September1 of the current year at a cost of $9,600. Depreciation for four months should be recorded at December 31.
7.  On December 31, Wind River Motel entered into an agreement to host the National Building Suppliers Convention in June of next year. The motel expects to earn rental revenue of at least$ 15,000 from the convention.

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For each of the above numbered paragraphed, raft a separate adjusting journal entry (including explanation)f the information indicates that an adjusting entry is needed.

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