Question 1.1. Almost all computer criminals can be described as: (Points : 4)

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professional criminals.

technical hackers possessing strong computer skills.

white collar professional criminals.

amateurs who describe themselves as relatively honest.

Question 2. 2. Logical access to the computer system would be best controlled by: (Points : 4)

intrusion alarm systems.

complex operating systems.

restrictions on physical access to online terminals.

password codes.

Question 3. 3. Hacking involves: (Points : 4)

stealing carbons of credit cards.
destroying computer hardware.
gaining illegal entry to computer files from remote locations.
inserting a logic bomb in a computer program

Question 4. 4. An ideal control is: (Points : 4)

a control procedure that reduces to practically zero the risk of an error or an irregularity taking place and not being detected.
a control procedure that is anticipated to have the lowest possible cost in relation to its benefits.
a control procedure that should always be implemented into a company’s system due to the efficiency and effectiveness that will result from its implementation.
a control procedure that is always cost effective.

Question 5. 5. Which of the following statements is true? (Points : 4)

The COSO report failed to define internal control.
The COSO report emphasized that an internal control system is a tool of management.
SAS 78 rejected the definition of internal control provided in the COSO report.
COBIT concluded that a company’s management is not responsible for establishing and monitoring a company’s internal control system.

Question 6. 6.Regarding the internal audit function, which of the following statements is true? (Points : 4)

Since many internal auditors have accounting backgrounds, the internal audit function should ideally be included within a company’s accounting subsystem.
It is not proper for internal auditors to perform a fraud investigation within any part of their company’s system.
Because of the independence of external auditors, they should never accept previous work of evaluating controls performed by a company’s internal auditors.
Within a company’s system, it is preferable to establish the internal audit function as a separate subsystem.

Question 7. 7.An approach used by many companies to reduce the risk of loss caused by the theft of assets by employees is to: (Points : 4)

utilize polygraphs.
acquire arbitrage loss protection.
acquire fidelity bond coverage.
institute punitive management.

Question 8. 8.Which of the following is not a processing control? (Points : 4)

Record counts
Control totals
Hash totals
Check digits







Question 9. 9. Which of these is an acronym for computer crime legislation? (Points : 4)



Question 10. 10. At present, we think that computer crime is: (Points : 4)




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