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the teacher told that instead of 2000 words it is enogh to write on A4 paper
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Business Finance – Accounting Assignment
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Description of Assignment: This assignment is intended to assess your ability to examine company accounts afresh and decide whether profits are genuine and how strong company’s finance really are. You will be given an actual company report and accounts, which may contain some camouflage of creative accounting. You will have to detect if the company profits are real or are generated from manipulation by creative accounting. Quality Indicators (how will it be graded; what constitutes a good assignment): The accounting assessment should involve an analysis of both the general IFRS framework (fair presentation) and the techniques of accounting and financial engineering which have proved most frequent and pernicious. If detected the use of flexibility within accounting to manage the measurement and presentation of the accounts so that they serve the interests of preparers should be reported. The report should not exceed the 2000 words and should be done in a professional way taking into consideration the time constraints of investors and/or regulators. The assessment will be based upon the following marking scheme: Quality of assumptions 20% Techniques examined 20% Analysis 30% Conclusions 20% Overall presentation 10% Total 100% This assignment must be submitted online as well as a paper version in class.

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