The following are five process failures that indicate weakness in control

1. A purchasing agent ordered unneeded inventory items from a supplier company of which he is one of the officers.
2. The vendor shipped goods that were never ordered. The invoice for those goods was paid
3. Goods were stolen by storeroom personnel. When the shortage was discovered, the storeroom personnel claimed that the goods were never been delivered to them from the receiving department
4. An organization seems to regularly run out inventory for some of the most popular items
5. The materials going into production do not meet quality standards

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For each of the five processes failures described, provide a description of the control plan that you believe would best address that deficiency. Obviously, there could be more than one plan that is germane to a particular situation. Select one plan for each of the five failures and include in your description a justification of why you believe it is best. When in doubt, opt for the plan that is preventive in nature, as opposed to plans that are detective or corrective.

Present a one to two page summary.

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