1 Principles


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Your assignment is a concise practitioner based enquiry and throughout the process of



investigation and writing up you are expected to:



x demonstrate business awareness



x consider how your investigation and recommendations add value to the effective managing



of the organisation



x locate your enquiry within the context of contemporary people and organisation



development literature



x make recommendations for change



2 Presentation



Your assignment is to be presented in report format, include an executive summary, a contents



page and a correctly presented bibliography, and be a maximum of 3000 words (plus



appendices)in total. You must state the word count on the front page of your assignment. Text



should be fully justified and a decimal numbering system used for headings and sub-headings.



The following structure and headings are recommended, amongst others:



1. Introduction, context and objectives.



Identification of the issue, explanation of the context of the investigation, the links to people



management and organisation development strategies, and the articulation of the objectives.



2. Literature review.



A critical review of appropriate literature in relation to the objectives to reflect current thinking



and effective practice; a thematic approach should be adopted which includes a summary



3. Findings and conclusions



Presentation of the findings, grouped by important issues, that is thematically. Overall



conclusions which flow from the analysis and link to the literature review and also to the



strategies articulated in section 1 above.



4. Recommendations and implementation



Recommendations which are feasible, practicable, and persuasive, and which recognise



barriers or points of resistance and how these might be overcome.



3 Topic



You are expected to analyse and evaluate and thereby subject the specified practices to robust



scrutiny in the pursuit of continuous improvement. In addition, a failure to properly ground your



work in the academic literature will also be inadequate. You are expected to demonstrate that you



have undertaken the breadth and depth of reading required for Masters study. Your work must be



correctly referenced using the Harvard system and you must include a full bibliography. You will



also be expected to integrate theory and practice in your assignment.

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