1. A study examining if administering a medication A and participating in regular aerobic exercise is associated with improvements in patient anxiety post myocardial infarction. In the final regression model the R square value is 0.27. U know this means:

A. Exercise and administering medication A improves anxiety seen post myocardial infarction

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B. Exercise and administering medication A does not improve anxiety seen post myocardial infarction

C. Exercise and administering medication A explain 27% of the variance seen in anxiety post myocardial infarction.

D. Exercise significantly improves anxiety seen post myocardial infarction 27% of the time.



2. When studying the relationship between ankle-brachial blood pressure index and peripheral vascular disease the researchers have a significant R square. They then add a second independent variable of a pain scale. The R square in the model that includes both independent variables is significant but the R square change is not. You know this means:

A. Having both variables in the model explains significantly more variation in peripheral vascular disease.

B. The second variable added may not be significant and should be examined further

C. Because the model is significant both variables should be included

D. The R square change only matters with the first variable



3. In regression model, to determine the expected impact a change in the indecent variable will have in the value of the dependent variable in a regression model the value to report is:

A. The beta coefficient

B.the p value

C. The constant

D. The constant plus the error term



4. If researchers add independent variables to a regression model which are significant the effect on the R square value wifi be:

A. To increase it

B. To decrease it

C. There will be no change

D. unable to determine



5. If a researcher adds independent variables to a regression model that are not significant you will be able to determine this by looking at:

A. R square for the model

B. Unstandardized coefficient for the variable

C. Standardized coefficient for the variable

D. P value for the variable



6. A negative beta coefficient tells you that when there is a one unit change in the corresponding variable the dependent variable:

A. Does not change

B. Increases

C. Decreases

D. Unable to determine



7. If a study examining gulf war syndrome reports a significant odds ratio of 4.5 associated with exposure to depleted uranium in returning veterans you know this means:

A. Veterans who were exposed to depleted uranium are more likely to have gulf war syndrome than those who were not

B. The chance of getting sick after an exposure to depleted uranium is 4.5%

C. Veterans who were not exposed to depleted uranium are 95.5% more likely to be healthy compared to those who were exposed

D. There is a significant association between being a veteran and being exposed to depleted uranium



8. A researcher should use what regression technique to examine the relationship between death before age five and the presence of phenylketonuria, low birth weight and prematurity.

A linear regression

B. Multiple regression

C. Logistic regression

D. Standard error of the estimate



9. A research team had difficulty with loss to follow up during their current study. This lead to a sample size of 56 rather than the anticipated sample size of 578 they wanted. They still have found significant results but the small sample size and significant number of independent variables would support reporting which result:

A. Standardized beta collection

B. Adjusted R square

C. R square

D. Odds ratio



10. A researcher wishes to use logistic regression to examine the relationship between pressure ulcers and Braden scale score, immune function status, and repositioning schedule. Which example of a measure of pressure ulcers would be an appropriate for this technique?

A. Stage l, stage ll, stage ll, stage Lviv levels of full thickness tissue loss

B. Swab, fluid aspiration and tissue biopsy sample

C. Length and depth measurement

D. Present or not present



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