Please replay to these two paragraphs by expessing your opnion aboth them .

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Hello there 

I agree , or dissagree ….. and i think….. 

The First paragraph :


Diseases in India that are no longer proving to be successful in being drug-resistant is a huge concern for me, as well as it should be for others. Often times we rely on today’s medical advancements to protect us from what we need prevention from, but when it comes to relying on our our bodies, it results in worry and lack of care to our bodies. 

Luckily, the article said that these drug-resistant bacteria are not contagious. However, individuals still have responsibilities in taking care of their bodies to prevent these bacteria from entering the system. The pathogen enters the system due to a lack of completion in killing the bacteria; so, one thing someone could do is be positive that original bacteria in the system is completely gone. Like the old phrase we all love, “better safe than sorry”. With all the medical advancements the world has to offer, we would assume the medical community could eliminate this problem. However, we are still searching for cures to cancer and other life-threatening things. The best the medical community can do in order to prevent these drug-resistant diseases is to choose and prescribe medicines that go hand in hand, ignoring the ones with a chance of drug resistance.



** the second paragraph :


The development of a drug resistant bacteria is a bit alarming considering antibiodics is a common way to evict bacteria from out body, if the bacteria doesnt respond to the drug, it will continue to spread. I believe its both the job of the medical community and federal government to regulate the health issues facing he majority by educating individuals, and its the job of the individual to agree to what is necessary to be safe.

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