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Biology Assignment
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Part 2: Peer Review Paper


Your group will read another group’s paper (I will hand them out to you without names on the paper so it is all anonymous – this is why I only want the names on the last page of the research paper, I will take off that page before I hand them out to you for review.) You will write a 2-page (double spaced) review of the paper. Topics to include in this review paper:

Did you understand how the technology is being used and how it might benefit or harm individuals, societies or the environment?

Did they cover all of the ethical implications for the patients, population and/or scientists involved? What other topics might you have brought up about this topic?

What do you think about the regulations (if any) that are involved with this technology? Do you think there should be more or less and are they different locally vs. globally?

Does this technology affect you personally in any way and do you think it will in the future?

What is the most interesting thing that you learned from this paper?

Does the paper flow well? Is it easy to understand, and grammatically correct?

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