Behavioral Psychology Assignment

Behaviorism When individuals hear the term Behaviorism today, they instantly know that it signifies some form of behavior considering that it is in the word itself. Nevertheless, what exactly is behaviorism? According to the Dictionary of Psychology, behaviorism is a theory of learning that is based upon the idea that all behaviors are obtained from outside observations and not in thoughts or feelings. In the twentieth century, three significant behaviorists John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner determined that behaviorism is the study of observable behavior, as opposed to internal events such as emotions and cogitation (Moore). Although the three behaviorists encounter their theories of behaviorism differently, their ideas are similar.Behavioral Psychology Assignment Behaviorism is the study of human behavior and is principally based on the belief that all human behavior is learned through conditioning of the environment. First, in the Encyclopedia of Psychology it states that many historians of psychology who were aware of Watson’s achievements, acknowledge him to be the “founder” of behaviorism. In the Encyclopedia of Psychology is also declares that behaviorism back tracks to the twentieth century when several behaviorists were interested in clarifying what behaviorism actually was. Not only was Watson admired for being the founder of behaviorism, but compared to the other two behaviorists he performed experiments on humans.

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Behavioral Psychology Assignment
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The human mind and the way humans behave have been primary topics of study amongst historians for many years. Studies have been conducted in different professional areas to gain knowledge and understanding of humans, in an attempt to control behavior. The study of human behavior is known as behavioral psychology or behaviorism.Behavioral Psychology Assignment The goal of early behaviorists and functionalists was to bring about a more reliable psychology. The behaviorists believed they would achieve this goal by excluding introspection and focus on the study of behaviorism. This evolution was achieved with help from the zeitgeist, behaviorist, and organizational psychology. This paper will discuss J.R. Angell and his prediction of the shift in psychology from …show more content…


286). It is believed Angell based his opinion on the preceding applied psychologists and the zeitgeist. Many psychologists were already moving toward a more applied psychology. Schultz and Schultz (2008) suggest, as psychology continues to grow as a science, the use of consciousness and introspection dwindles (p. 285). A more objective functional psychology was being sought after by applied psychologists. This can be observed by the many individuals who were paving the way for behaviorism, such as, George J. Romanes, Conway L. Morgan, Margaret Floy, Jacques Loeb, Ivan Pavlov and many others. These individuals helped to create the zeitgeist of the 20th century and the move toward the maturing of behaviorism. With such a push to a more objective psychology, Angell could see that consciousness was becoming more and more unacceptable.
What persons or ideas in early behaviorism would carry out the trend that Angell predicted? Many ideas and persons were coming along to offer support to behaviorism. George John Romanes and Conway Lloyd Morgan, were two pioneers in animal psychology. Morgan’s law of parsimony and reliance on experimental techniques impacted a more objective animal psychology (Schultz and Schults, 2008, p. 260). Eight comparative psychology laboratories were created by the year 1910. Behavioral Psychology Assignment
What is behaviorism and where did it come from? It emphasizes a scientific and objective approached to investigate behavior. Behaviorism is known to most as a psychological approach. John Watson was known to be the loudest voice for behaviorism even though he was not the founder. He started the spread of the knowledge of what behaviorism was in 1912, when he wrote an article that stated the methodology and behavioral analysis of behaviorism. The article that John Watson wrote was titled ‘Psychology as the behaviorist views it’.
First, to understand where behaviorism came from also known as its origin, you will have to understand what behaviorism is. So behaviorism is the theory that studies the overt, observable behaviors of people to understand their mental processes. Behaviorism also focuses specifically on the environment and its effects on the individual.Behavioral Psychology Assignment It ‘s trying to decide if the environment influences behavior and causes people to react or act in certain ways. Behaviorism makes many basic assumptions. Some of those assumptions are behavior is learnt in the enviorment, psychology should be seen as a science, behaviorism is primarily concerned with behavior instead of things like thinking and emotion, there is only a slight difference between animals and humans, and behavior is response to stimulus.
There are different types of behaviorism as well. John Watson himself was known for two different types of behaviorism. Watson was known for his first methodological behaviorism and later known for behaviorism that was inspired by his later work. Watson who published Psychology as the behaviorist views was considered to be the inventor of behaviorism. Behavioral Psychology Assignment

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