Behavior in Healthcare Assignment

There are many ethical issues in the healthcare field. These issues range from insurance coverage, senior care, childhood immunizations, beneficence, abortion, medicinal marijuana, honesty and medical research (Fritzsche, D., 2004). Today we will discuss the ethical concerns in only one aspect of heath care and that topic is research (Benatar, S., 2000).Behavior in Healthcare Assignment Medical research is necessary in order to make strides in health care, introduce new medications, to discover new symptoms and disorders and to test new treatment options for current medical problems. Students of medicine, universities and pharmaceutical companies conduct this research primarily. Much of this research is time consuming and costly, therefore obtaining funding is not…show more content…

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Behavior in Healthcare Assignment
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This ethical dilemma is clearly a teleological in nature because the outcome is the only thing that is focused on and on the means. Additionally this type of unethical behavior tests these products on individuals that are unlike the individuals the products are being tested for. The developing countries often times are from generations of families that have not had clean drinking water, immunizations, medical care and are malnutrition. Meaning that the side effects and treatment guidelines are based on the data provided form test subjects in that are unhealthy and disadvantaged from the beginning (London AJ).Behavior in Healthcare Assignment Exploiting the individuals in developing countries for the benefit of helping individuals in developed countries to save money is as repulsive as child labor. These companies are clearly putting the health and well-being on people to save money, them bypassing the laws to save money and avoid regulations and protocols of the United States. The low standard of medical treatment these companies are providing in addition to the slave labor wages is preposterous to say the least. Many major pharmaceuticals companies make sure to inform the public of all the free medicines they donate to developing countries.
This paper seeks to look into organizational behavior in health care management and most importantly its impact on health care management and delivery.Behavior in Healthcare Assignment Organization behavior is crucial in guiding the regulatory activities, the staff activities and the overall culture that directs an organization. Organizational behavior in health care setting is paramount to ensuring patient safety, ethical behavior among the medical practitioners, patient-centered care and effecting change in the facilities which is bound to improve healthcare delivery and patients’ satisfaction. The strategic management of any health…show more content…
The different segments within the sector such as hospitals, home health rehabilitation services among other patient care facilities employ qualifies personnel to attend the needs of the patients at different capacities.Behavior in Healthcare Assignment Therefore, the managers in the health care need to possess skills and knowledge concerning the integration of change in the right manner and similarly, possess effective interpersonal skills, communication ability, and competent leadership skills to guide and direct diverse groups of individuals towards the achievement of a common organizational goal. Literature Review The health care industry is one of the most dynamic and delicate industries in the U.S. having experienced healthy and substantial changes for the last thirty years most of which have aimed to improve health care management and services delivery to the patients. The changes have enabled the integration of technology into the industry such as in the area of informatics, science and research and payment services and clinical treatments.
A review of health behaviour theories: how useful are these for developing interventions to promote long-term medication adherence for TB and HIV/AIDS?

In this article, the first theory is the Theory of Reasoned Action. Theory of reasoned action (TRA) is said to be comprised of two factors that determine an intention: attitudes and norms.Behavior in Healthcare Assignment A person forms an opinion of a behavior being either positive or negative. With this theory, the applied practice seen is said to exist from the study of TB and HIV/AIDS. The applied practice here is said to be a technique that examines socially relevant behaviors and finds that it is under volitional control with a person’s deliberateness to perform a certain behavior while being both, the immediate and determinant, as he is the only single best predictor of the behavior. Moreover, Munro (2007) “argues that other variables besides those described, can only influence the behavior if variables influence attitudes or subjective norms”.Behavior in Healthcare Assignment This method applied to practice is said to be conducive to understanding the research of the topic to draw conclusions from variance of behavior in intention alone. Second, applied theory of practice seen in this article is a Trans-theoretical Model. This model is described as being a person’s readiness to act on a new behavior that is healthy with strategies, to guide the individual through the stages of change of action. With that said, the applied to practice here is using patient reminders to improve adherence for long-term medication. The author states that “meta-analysis adherence to active antiretroviral (ARV) found interventions with cue dosing and external awards were efficacious as those without” (p. 14). Behavior in Healthcare Assignment


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